Band Directory

Please consult the list below to find a staff member.



Clement Bernard

Director General

+1 (418) 759-3441clement.bernard@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Carolyn Larocque

Executive Assistant

+1 (581) 886-4196carolyn.larocque@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Ida Martin

Receptionist / Secretary

+1 (418) 759-3441Micmacs of Gesgapegiag band

Shawn Martin

Maintenence Supervisor

+1 (418) 759-3441shawn.martin@gesgapegiag.caMicmac of Gesgapegiag Band

Sheba Coull

Administration Assistant (Maternity Leave)

+1 (418) 759-3441sheba.coull@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag band

Anthony Jerome

Hydro Liaison Officer

anthony.jerome@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Margaret Martin


Micmacs of Gesgapegiag Band


Jeannette Martin

Communitcation and Policy Manager

+1 (418) 759-3441Jeannette.Martin@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Alex Jerome

Community Mobilization and Involvement Coordinator

+1 (418) 759-3441alex.jerome@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band


Francine Ross

Financial Controller

+1 (418) 759-3441francine.ross@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Kyle Bujold

Payroll Clerk

+1 (418) 759-1511kyle.bujold@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band


Assistant Financial Controller

+1 (418) 759-3441Micmacs of Gesgapegiag Band


Accounting Clerk

+1 (418) 759-3441Administration Building

Public Works, Infrastructure and Housing

Maxime Condo Jr

Housing Director

+1 (418) 759-3441maximejr.condo@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Wanda Jerome

Housing Intern

+1 (418) 759-3441wanda.jerome@gesgapegiag.caMicmac of Gesgapegiag Band

Community Works

Ronnie Condo

Community Works Coordinator

Gordon Gideon JR

Community Works Team Leader

Human Resources

Annick Jacob

Human Resources Manager

+1 (418)

Susan Willett

Human Resources Officer

+1 (418) 759-3441susan.willett@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Social Assistance

Autumn Jerome

Social Assistance Coordinator

+1 (418) 759-3441autumn.jerome@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band


Social Services

There are currently no staff.

Health Services

Amanda Larocque

Health Director

+1 (418) 759-3441amanda.larocque@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Health & Community Services

Mitchell Syvret-Caplin

Medical Transport Team Leader

+1 (418) 759-3431mitchell.scaplin@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Sara Mitchell

Psychosocial Social Worker

+1 (418) 759-3431sara.mitchell@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Brandon Pelletier

Youth Monitor

+1 (418) 759-3431brandon.jerome@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Helga Jerome


Health Center

Joanne Fallow

Community Health Nurse

+1 (418) 759-3431joanne.fallow@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Madeline Condo


Healing Lodge, Youth Center and Headstart

Valerie Condo

Administrative Assistant

+1 (418) 759-3431valerie.condo@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Carole Cormier

Licensed Practical Nurse

+1 (418) 759-3431carole.cormier@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Health & Community Services

Multiple People

Domestic Support Workers

Lucille Condo


Health Center

Sandra Boisvert

Mental Health and Wellness Team Leader

+1 (418) 759-3431sandra.boisvert@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Andrew Martin

Recreation Coordinator

+1 (418) 759-3431andrew.martin@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Nathalie Jerome

Front Line Educator

+1 (418) 759-3431nathalie.jerome@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Keisha Condo Bernard

Personal Support Worker (Maternity Leave)

+1 (418) 759-3431Keisha.condobernard@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Alishia Caplin

Diabetes Educator

+1 (418) 759-3431alishia.caplin@gesgapegiag.caHealth Building

James Condo

Youth & Family Center Educator

+1 (418) 759-3431james.condo@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Louis Jerome

Medical Transport Driver

+1 (418) 759-3431transportation@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Health and Community Services Building

Philomena Martin

Domestic Support Team Leader

+1 (418) 759-3431philomena.martin@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Mallory Campbell


+1 (418) 759-3431mallory.campbell@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Heather Condo

Medical Archives

+1 (418) 759-3431heather.condo@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Shelley Lepoidvin

Home Care Nurse

+1 (418) 759-3431shelley.lepoidvin@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Multiple people

Personal Care Workers

Dorothy Gedeon

Medical Transport Driver

+1 (418) 759-3431transportation@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Health and Community Services Building

Johanne Larocque

Family Support Worker

+1 (418) 759-3431Johanne.larocque@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Peter Jerome SR

Addiction Worker

Patricia Jerome

Front Line Educator

+1 (418) 759-3431patsy.jerome@gesgapegiag.caHealth Center

Gesgapegiag Healing Lodge

Jon Pitre

Associate Health & Social Services Director (Interim)

+1 (418) 759-8087jon.pitre@gesgapegiag.caHealing Lodge

Gail McIntyre

Youth Protection Worker (Follow-Up)

+1 (418) 759-8087gail.mcintyre@gesgapegiag.caHealing Lodge

Tylor Clifford Jerome

Probation Follow-Up Worker/Youth Worker

+1 (418) 759-8087tyler.jerome@gesgapegiag.caHealing Lodge

Bernard Jerome

Cultural Advisor and Correctional Service Liaison

+1 (418) 759-8087pnnal.jerome@gesgapegiag.caHealing Lodge

Emily Martin

Social Worker-Intake and Regular Services

+1 (418) 759-8087emily.martin@gesgapegiag.caHealing Lodge

Gesgapegiag Youth Center

There are currently no staff.

Social Services

Claude Boucher

Social Service Team Leader

+1 (418) 759-8087claude.boucher@gesgapegiag.caHealing Lodge


Ken Arsenault

Forestry Director

+1 (418) 759-1303ken.arsenault@gesgapegiag.caGalgoasiet


Christina Martin

Special Education Assistant

Christina.Martin@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Charlene Condo

Special Education Assistant

Charlene.Condo@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Venessa Carli-Jerome

1st Grade Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Robbie Ross

Grade 4 Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Chris Braiser

Bus Monitor

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Valerie Labrecque


+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Stephanie Lagouffe-Martin

Interim Cook

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Jeffrey Martin

Bus Driver

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Tania Martin


+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Celine Martin

School Principal

+1 (418) 759-3422celine.martin@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Danny Condo

Bus Driver

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Christine Jerome

Mi'gmaq Curriculum Worker

christine.jerome@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Lisa Carroll

Kindergarten Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422lisa.carroll@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Sally Gedeon

Special Education Assistant

+1 (418) 759-3422sally.gedeon@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Pamela Boisvert

French Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422pamela.boisvert@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Peggy Brimsacle

FNSSP/Coordinator/Remediation Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422peggy.brimsacle@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Jennifer Gedeon

Autistic Behaviour Analyst

+1 (418) 759-3422jennifer.gedeon@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Courtney Jerome

Librarian / IT

+1 (418) 759-3422courtney.jerome@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

William Jerome

Cultural Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422william.jerome@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Brenda Condo

Special Education Assistant

Brenda.Condo@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Jennifer Bernard

School Janitor

jennifer.bernard@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Hardeep Singh-Bola

Grade 7 & 8 Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Sebastien Bergeron

Grade 4 Supply

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Rosalind Espling

Remediation Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Terra Larocque


+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Celine Martin

Special Education Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Jesse Martin

IT Computers Tech

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Treena Mettalic

Learning Training and Employment Director

+1 (418) 759-3441treena.metallic@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Kateri Martin

Student Services Coordinator

+1 (418) 759-3441kateri.martin@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Shelby Caplin

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422shelby.caplin@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Nelson Martin

Special Education Assistant

+1 (418) 759-3422nelson.martin@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Catherine Mary Caplin

Grade 2 Teacher

mary.caplin@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Anne Marie Trepanier

Grade 5/6 Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422anne.trepanier@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Florence Jerome

Administrative Assistant

+1 (418) 759-3422florence.jerome@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Natalie Gedeon


+1 (418) 759-3422natalie.gedeon@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Henry Gromelski

Physical Education Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422Hank.Gromelski@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Roger Lee Martin

Mi'g Maq Education Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422roger.martin@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Maggie Jerome

Arts and Crafts Teacher

+1 (418) 759-3422Wejgwapniag School

Post-Secondary Student Support Program

There are currently no staff.

Post-Secondary Education Support Program-FORMS

There are currently no staff.

Student Employment

There are currently no staff.


Sue Helen Caplin

GHRDC Manager

+1 (418) 759-5424sue.helen@gesgapegiag.caGHRDC

Kimberly Condo

Receptionist / Secretary

+1 (418) 759-5424kim.condo@gesgapegiag.caGHRDC

Public Security

Franklin Condo

Public Security Director

+1 (418) 759-3113franklin.condo@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Police Department

Tommy Robichaud Condo

Police Officer

+1 (418) 759-3113Gesgapegiag Police Station

Vincent Lovoegue

Police Officer

+1 (418) 759-3113Gesgapegiag Police Station

Dave Robichaud Condo

Police Officer

+1 (418) 759-3113dave.condo@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Police Station

Michael Jerome

Fire Chief

Dave Loisel

Police Officer

+1 (418) 759-3113Gesgapegiag Police Station

Frederic Dugas

Police Officer

+1 (418) 759-3113Gesgapegiag Police Station

Sarah Robichaud Condo

Police Officer

+1 (418) 759-3113sarah.robichaud-condo@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Police Station

Madeline Condo


Police Station


Christina Burnsed

Director of Fisheries

+1 (418) 759-1303christina.burnsed@gesgapegiag.caGalgoasiet

Jaime Sue Condo

Inshore Operations Manager


Hank Condo

Plant Manager

+1 (418) 759-1362hank.condo@gesgapegiag.caLobster Hut

Justin Jerome

Fisheries Administrative Assistant


Lobster Hut

There are currently no staff.

Economic Development

Roxane Martin


+1 (418) 759-3742roxane.martin@gesgapegiag.caTourism Building

Bonnie Jerome

Economic Development Administrative Assistance

+1 (418) 759-3441bonnie.jerome@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Walter Jerome

Tourism Manager

+1 (418)

Hollie Larocque

Director of Economic Development

+1 (418) 759-3441hollie.larocque@gesgapegiag.caMicmac's of Gesgapegiag

Emily Jerome

Lands, Estates and Membership Clerk

+1 (418) 759-3441emily.jerome@gesgapegiag.caMicmac's of Gesgapegiag Band

Samuel McInnis- Major

Tourism Manager

+1 (418)

Joshua Bradstreet

Relais De Le Cache Manager

+1 (418)