La Cache Powered by Solar Energy

Apr 7, 2021

La Cache Powered by Solar Energy

La Cache Powered by Solar Energy

On behalf of the Gesgapegiag Chief and Council, I would like to thank the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute for helping us achieve this solar power energy project and to all those that worked to make this a reality. We are very proud of the fact that we will reduce our fossil fuel consumption by about 80 to 90 %.

As Migmaw people, we have a long history of stewardship over what the Creator has passed on to us, and our ancestors have passed on to us. We hope that by taking into consideration our carbon footprint, that we can leave a healthier environment for future generations. This is a responsibility we have as human beings.

Choosing to use renewable energy not only reduce the harmful emissions of burning fossil fuels but it also translates into operational cost savings in the long term. For small businesses such as the Relais de la Cache making the switch to solar power was very important to us. We will significantly reduce carbon pollution and make our small contribution to reducing global warming.

It is our intention as well to include further initiatives for this business, such as providing charging stations for electric vehicles.

Chief John Martin


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