Estuary File Update

This message is to inform community members in regards to the Estuary distribution. Chief and Council wishes to inform members that this year the distribution will remain status quo as it has been in the past. Members will be informed shortly as to when they may visit the Administration Building to sign for this years distribution. A decision has not been made yet as to how the Estuary file will be resolved. Although the Estuary distribution remains the same this year, consultation efforts with members will continue until October 2018 in order to provide Chief and Council with feedback and input from all members. This will allow the political body to make an informed decision and members will not feel rushed when providing input.

Those who have signed up to volunteer for the door to door surveys are still on the list and will be contacted in the next coming weeks to inform them of the next step. Community members living outside the community will have an opportunity to complete the same survey that will be circulated in the community via Survey Monkey. The link will be shared at the same time that the door to door surveys take place. More information to come.