Last Post Funds Surveyor - Finding Veterans marked and unmarked graves.

Last Post Canada is currently Seeking a Surveyor for marked and unmarked graves of Veterans. You will need to contact Maria Trujillo as she will be responsible for the hiring and supervision of the project. This is a sharing of the Job post from Last Post Funds and is "not" an official job posting from the Micmacs of Gesgapegiag.

Your responsibilities would be

• Identifying unmarked graves of Veterans from your community in cemeteries in your community and nearby

• Contact the families of Veterans and discuss their interest in having military makers installed or the traditional names engraved on already installed military makers.

• Research and identify the key contact people in your community and best practices to ensure that the maintenance of the military markers is carried out in accordance with the needs and culture of your community.

Here is how the pay scale is measured. The completion of your questionnaire will be 60$, If you find marked or unmarked graves and write it down all the information of the gravestone or family members testimony for unmarked graves (First name, Family Name, Date of Birth and Date of Death (Traditional Name, if available) you will then have awarded 10$ for each grave you wrote down. Once Last Post Funds confirms that your discovery was a Veteran is correct and matches their files, you will have received an additional 10$ bonus.

Example: Fill out the Last Post Funds Survey = Receive your 60$

You managed to find 1 grave – You wrote down the information (First name, Family Name, Date of Birth and Date of Death (Traditional Name, if available) = Receive your 10$

Last Post Funds will call you to confirm that 1 grave if you're correct = Receive your 10$

Your Earnings = 80$

You may contact Alex Jerome - Community Mobilization & Involvement Coordinator at the Administrative Office (418-759-3441) for more information or request a copy of the Questionnaire.


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