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Below is a list of all departments and services within Gesgapegiag.


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95 Main Street 

Gesgapegiag, QC G0C 1Y0

Telaptasq -Vision

•GHCS telaptas’q ewmitij ugjit wigmaw ugmlgigotim ugjit npsin aqq siawaton tetpuguigl mimajuaqann tanig Migmaq telmimajultijig mena ltutew mlgignoti tan unjig telignaq, tan telotegej,mtininewei aqq tan goqwei getlamstasq ugjit ‘gtn’nuegatiminu

The vision of the GHCS is to use the strength of family to heal and promote harmony using a holistic approach based Migmaq traditional values by creating a balance of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being of our community members.

Lgowagan -Mission

•Ntlgowaqanminen na neiaton npitaqan tan welie’wasq giasgiw ‘gtn’nuegatiminug tlaman tetpuguital elitasimgewel aqq siawatun gelulq mimajuaqan

Our mission at the GHCS is to provide healing through a holistic approach as a community by creating harmony by instilling trust and equality to promote a well-balanced lifestyles.

Gesgapegiag Health and Community Services (GHCS) was established in 1996 as a department of the Micmacs of Gesgapegiag First Nation. The Social Services arm of the GHCS operates out of the Healing Lodge located on Route 132. GHCS is one of the largest and most active departments in the community with 26 permanent full-time staff members, and nine health care professionals on contract. The GHCS is structured and mandated by the Chief and Council to provide health care services and wellness activities to the community. The organization works in partnership with the Chief and Council and the Director- General at the Band.

Amanda Larocque has been hired as the new Health Director since November 30, 2015. The Director of Gesgapegiag Health and Community Services is responsible for providing leadership in all aspects of health promotion and disease prevention. She must be sensitive to community needs and well-informed of recent developments in the field of health services.

The Director of Gesgapegiag Health and Community Services coordinates the development, implementation and evaluation of the philosophy, vision, mission, goals and objectives of the Gesgapegiag Health and Community Services in collaboration with the Band Council, Health staff, Community Health Committee, and community members.

The GHCS just submitted their 5 year health plan  to Health Canada. The health plan covers 2016-2021 with an approximate annual budget of 2 million dollars for operations and services.

The staff has worked hard in helping prepare this section of the website. I hope its helpful in helping you access any of there services at the Gesgapegiag Health And Community Services.

Health Priorities:

•    Increase mental well-being in the community

•    Increase physical health through nutrition and exercise

Guided By 7  Principles:

1 Respect

2 Responsibility

3 Giving Thanks

4 Honour

5 How we are all related

6 Sharing

7 Protocols & Ceremonies