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Gesgapegiag Human Resource Development Commission


Gesgapegiag Human Resource Development Commission mission is to provide employment and training services and programs to the First Nations members of Gesgapegiag and support them in labour market integration.  There are 2 full time employee’s that carry out the services with specialized programs that are delivered from  Service Canada, and it’s other partners.

GHRDC’s Agreement

Gesgapegiag Human Resource Development Commission is an action plan, client based program funded through The First Nations Human Resource Development Commission of Quebec and GHRDC’s partners. GHRDC is responsible to help identify and address the training & employability needs of its clientele by providing front line services that responds to their individual and collective needs in accordance with three major employability measure under the agreement.

A Measures

Support & Guidance – A Measures
A1 Labour Market Information
Information and services that will allow the client to integrate the labour market (documentation center, job bank, internet access, job postings, education and professional information.
A2 Professional Resources – Diagnostic Testing
Professional resources to help the clients develop professional integration strategies, individual counseling, guidance counselor, information sessions, job search techniques, etc.
A2 Professional Resources – Employment Counseling
Providing the client, within the context of an Action Plan, with the advice and support of a designated employment counselor to assist the client to arrive at a suitable career choice.
A2 Professional Resources – Job Search Preparation Strategies
This intervention is to be utilized when a client is preparing to seek and attain employment and requires support from an employment counselor or a job finding club.  Activities within this intervention can include: resume and cover letter writing, labour market research, interview skills, etc.
A2 Professional Resources – Job Start Support
In order to seek and attain employment, clients may receive assistance to purchase work equipment, work clothing, bus tickets to look for work, etc.
A2 Professional Resources - Employer Referral
A client is referred to an employer to seek information on the company, the occupation of interest and/or an employment opportunity within the company.
A2 Professional Resources –  Referral to Agencies
An intervention that refers a client to a responsible agency or agencies, as part of the client’s Action Plan, to address one or more employment barriers (e.g. referral to social housing authority, drug treatment program, and subsidized daycare center, transportation for persons with disabilities, household and personal budgeting program)

B Measures

Training & Professional Development – B Measures
B1 Professional Training
Enable clients to acquire the professional skills required for employment related to a program of study leading to a certificate from a provincially recognized institute or school;
B1 Professional Training
Enable clients to acquire the professional skills required for employment
Occupational Skills Training – Apprenticeship
        Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS): such as: carpentry, plumbing, etc.
Provide financial support for costs related to certification testing required by CCQ or other     apprenticeship agencies.
Occupational Skills Training – Diploma
        Diploma of College Studies (DCS) 2 yrs
        Diploma of College Studies (DCS) Technical training - 3 yrs
        Attestation de College Studies (ACS)
        University certificate or diploma

B2  General Upgrading Training

Acquire the perquisites for academic upgrading through a program of instruction designed to enhance one or more Essential Skills to a level required by the specific job or occupation that the client is seeking
Skills Development – Essential Skills & Literacy Program
        Essential skills and literacy program (a program of instruction to provide training on one, several or all nine (9) essential skills as required for the specific job or occupation)
        Pre-employability measures including basic skills

B2  General Upgrading Training
Acquire the perquisites for academic upgrading through a program of instruction designed to enable the client to obtain high school credits or academic qualifications required to pursue further post-secondary instruction or training.
B2  General Upgrading Training
Interventions related to formal skills instruction that may provide certificates of completion, tickets and/or licenses which may be professionally recognized Skills Development

C Measures

C1 Job Creation Initiatives

Provide employers with incentives so that clients can integrate the labour market and gain experience while receiving supervision from qualified staff.
C2 Self-Employment Assistance
Assist clients to become self-employed by starting up a private business in partnership with our Economic Development department, an intervention that provides direct financial assistance, business training or professional support to enable a client start his/her own business or continue in a career of self-employment.


Sue Helen Caplin

GHRDC Manager


Kimberly Condo

Receptionist / Secretary