Departments & Services

Below is a list of all departments and services within Gesgapegiag.


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100 Boulevard Perron 

Gesgapegiag, QC G0C 1Y0 

The Micmac of Gesgapegiag Administration Directorate is involved in the management of all programs and services delivered by the Micmacs of Gesgapegiag Directorates, which include: Administration, Finance, Health, Social Services, Education, Fisheries, Forestry, Capital & Infrastructure and Public Security.

The Director General oversees all Directorates. The role of the Director General is to make certain that each Directorate follows the budgets and policies, which have been approved by Chief and Council. The Director General reports directly to Chief and Council on the management and operations of all the Directorates.

There are approximately 90 full-time and temporary employees that work for the Micmacs of Gesgapegiag. However, over the year with seasonal and project workers, the Micmacs of Gesgapegiag employs as many as 250 people annually. Seasonal employment peaks in the spring, summer and fall primarily in Administration, Capital & Infrastructure, Forestry and Fisheries. As well, students are employed annually.

Administration plays a key role in managing the day-to-day functions of the Micmacs of Gesgapegiag's affairs in the areas of employment, communications, computer technology systems, lands and estates, housing, social assistance, and band membership.

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Frederic Vicaire
Director General