Band Directory

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Micmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Frederic Vicaire

Director General

+1 (418) 759-3441fred.vicaire@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Carolyn Larocque

Executive Assistant

+1 (581) 886-4196carolyn.larocque@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Ida Martin

Receptionist / Secretary

Margaret Martin


Roxane Martin

Lands, Memberships and Estates Clerk

Anthony Jerome

Hydro Liaison Officer

Madeleine Condo



Melissa Bryan

Communications and Policy Officer


Francine Ross (interim)

Interim Financial Controller

+1 (418) 759-3441francine.ross@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Richard Joe Jerome

Accounting Clerk

Jaime Condo

Assistant Financial Controller

+1 (418) 759-3441Jaime.Condo@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Christina Burnsed

Financial Controller

Eileen Lambert

Accounting Clerk

Jaime Condo

Assistant Financial Controller

+1 (418) 759-3441Jaime.Condo@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Kyle Bujold

Accounting Clerk Jr.

+1 (418) 759-1511kyle.bujold@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Connie Martin

Payroll Clerk

+1 (418) 759-3441connie@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band


Maxime Condo Jr

Housing Director

+1 (418) 759-3441maximejr.condo@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Human Resources

Jessica Poirier

Human Resources Coordinator

+1 (418) 759-3441Jessica.poirier@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Social Assistance

Sue Helen Caplin

Social Assistance Coordinator

+1 (418) 759-3441sue.helen@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band


Health Services

Amanda Larocque

Health Director

+1 (418) 759-3441amanda.larocque@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Health & Community Services

Jeannette Martin

Accreditation Coordinator

+1 (418) 759-3431jeanette.martin@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Health and Community Services

Keisha Condo Bernard

Personal Support Worker

Philomena Martin

Domestic Support Team Leader

Mallory Campbell


Valerie Condo

Administrative Assistant

Carole Cormier

Licensed Practical Nurse

+1 (418) 759-3431carole.cormier@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Health & Community Services

Multiple People

Domestic Support Workers

Dorothy Gideon

Medical Transport Driver

Johanne Larocque

Family Support Worker

Peter Jerome SR

Addiction Worker

Andrew Martin

Recreation Coordinator

Nathalie Jerome

Front Line Educator

Bernard Jerome

Cultural Advisor and Correctional Service Liaison

Louise Cyr

Health Prevention and Promotion Clinical Leader

Suzanne Legouffe-Jerome


+1 (418) 759-3431suelegouffe@hotmail.comGesgapegiag Health & Community Services

Joanne Fallow

Community Health Nurse

Heather Condo

Medical Archives

Shelley Lepoidvin

Home Care Nurse

Multiple people

Personal Care Workers

Francis Gedeon

Medical Transport Driver

Lucille Condo


Sandra Boisvert

NNADAP Coordinator

Walter Jerome

Community Health Plan/Event Organizer

+1 (418) 759-3431walter.jerome@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Health & Community Services

Patricia Jerome

Front Line Educator



John Martin

Education Director

+1 (418) 759-3422john.martin@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Christina Martin

Special Education Assistant

Charlene Condo

Special Education Assistant

Kateri Martin

Student Services Coordinator

Danny Condo

Bus Driver

Christine Jerome

Special Education Assistant

Lisa Carroll


Sally Gedeon


+1 (418) 759-3422sally.gedeon@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Anne Marie Trepanier


Shawn Martin

School Janitor (share)

Peggy Brimsacle


Natalie Gedeon


Henry Gromelski


Roger Lee Martin


+1 (418) 759-3422roger.martin@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

Maggie Jerome

Arts and Crafts teacher

Melanie Jerome

Special Education Assistant

Brenda Condo

Special Education Assistant

Sheila Gedeon

School Principal

Armand Martin

Bus Driver


Shelby Caplin


Nelson Martin

Special Education Assistant

Catherine Mary Caplin


Trisha Condo


Pamela Boisvert


Florence Jerome

Administrative assistant

Peggy Condo


Jennifer Gedeon

Autistic Behaviour Analyst

Courtney Jerome

Librarian / Media Specialist

+1 (418) 759-3422courtney.jerome@gesgapegiag.caWejgwapniag School

William Jerome

Cultural Teacher

Social Services

Gesgapegiag Healing Lodge

Vacant .

Social Services Director

André Marchand

Intake and regular Services

Emily Martin

Social worker - Intake and regular Services

Tyler Clifford Jerome

Probation follow-up worker / Youth worker

Jean-François Gedeon

School Liaison Officer

Amy Martin

Administrative Assistant

Gail McIntyre

Youth protection worker (follow-up)

Jon Pitre

Psychosocial Intervenor

Darlene Jerome

Youth Programs Coordinator

Social Services

There are currently no staff.


Jean-François Lemerle

Forestry Director

+1 (418) 759-1303jflemerle@gesgapegiag.caGalgoasiet


Naomi Condo

GHRDC Director

Kimberly Condo

Receptionist / Secretary

+1 (418) 759-5424kim.condo@gesgapegiag.caGHRDC

Tammy Martin

Interim GHRDC Director

+1 (418) 759-5424tammy.martin@gesgapegiag.caGHRDC

Brenda Ross Jerome

Income Assistant Career Counsellor

Public Security

Franklin Condo

Public Security Director

+1 (418) 759-3113franklin.condo@gesgapegiag.caGesgapegiag Police Department

Sarah Robichaud Condo

Police officer

Dave Condo

Police officer

Bruno-Pierre Caron

Police officer

Jeffrey Martin

Dog Catcher

Kevin Debigaré

Police officer

Tommy Condo

Police officer

Jonathan Langlais

Police officer

Madeleine Condo


Michael Jerome

Fire Chief

Public Works

Luc Martin

Public Works Director

Benoit Martin Sr

Maintenance Worker


There are currently no staff.

Economic Development

Bonnie Jerome

Economic Development Administrative Assistant

Hollie Larocque

Economic Development Mentee

Hollie.larocque@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Roberta Billingsley

Economic Development Officer

+1 (418) 759-3441Roberta.billingsley@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Angel Ward

Angel Ward

Director of Economic Development

angel.ward@gesgapegiag.caMicmacs of Gesgapegiag Band

Community Works

Ronnie Condo

Community Works Coordinator