Departments & Services

Below is a list of all departments and services within Gesgapegiag.

Public Security

+1 (418) 759-3113

Police Force Mission

The mission of the police force, as provided in section 93 of the Police Act, is to maintain peace, order and public safety in the territory for which it is established, prevent and suppress crime and infractions under the laws and regulations applicable in that territory and detain offenders.

Agreement Objectives:

The objectives of the agreement are to provide and maintain policing services in First Nations and Inuit communities that are dedicated, culturally appropriate, and accountable to the communities they serve.

The Gesgapegiag Police Department primary service is Law enforcement within our community focusing on safety,protection and accountability as it’s key areas of concern .

Daily Tasks includes patrols on the community ensuring that Laws are being respected by ,issuing tickets to offenders ,responding to calls for assistance and promoting safety to the public .


Franklin Condo

Public Security Director

Gesgapegiag Police Department

Patrick Pelletier

Police Officer

Police Station

Sarah Robichaud Condo

Police officer

Dave Condo

Police officer

Madeleine Condo


Michael Jerome

Fire Chief

Laurent Landry

Police Officer

Police Station

Kevin Debigaré

Police officer

Tommy Condo

Police officer

Bruno-Pierre Caron

Police officer

Jeffrey Martin

Dog Catcher